Recreational Scuba Training Agencies

RSTA is an international organization of diving safety standards. It is an organization that provides for the creation of safety standards during diving courses.

We are an international organization for training divers safely and learning about respect for nature. The sea is an international environment, without defined boundaries, in which masses of water move and where life is present by fauna and flora. We have developed minimum standards for learning to scuba dive. We organize meetings to convince divers and non-divers to respect nature with eco-diving gestures. We encourage our members to promote and organize cleanups of our seas and oceans lakes.

We have a project called « Blue Planet », which is based on an eco-friendly approach to promote eco-diving and encourage underwater diving centers to offer it.

This program is then managed autonomously by the eco-friendly scuba diving center on site.

The protection of the marine environment must be our concern to all.

Garbage can accumulate in large patches of floating debris or run aground on the ribs. Light and strong plastics float on the ocean when they break up into toxic microparticles that animals confuse with food. Fish and birds can choke on these particles that make them sick when they accumulate in their stomachs.